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Our responsibility

ARYZTA is committed to operating as a financially successful and socially responsible business for the long-term. This requires balancing the organisation’s financial strategy and leveraging the Group’s global resources to bring about continuous positive change.

As part of the ARYZTA Transformation Initiative, the Group has established the ARYZTA Cares initiative, which is aimed at promoting active employee and supplier engagement in pursuit of our corporate responsibility goals. The key elements of this programme include:

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Environmental Conservation

ARYZTA is aware the earth’s ecosystems are fragile and that environmental conservation is critical to the continued well-being of the planet, its natural resources and its citizens.

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Ethical Sourcing

ARYZTA partners with our key suppliers to establish long-term sustainable sources of raw materials that address the social, ethical, economic, safety, quality, and environmental aspects of product sourcing.

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Supply Chain Excellence

ARYZTA’s commitment to supply chain excellence includes strict supplier standards, comprehensive facility expectations and detailed adherence to customer specifications.

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Employee Appreciation

ARYZTA recognises that its continued success is dependent on the quality, commitment and responsible behaviour
of its people. ARYZTA values diversity
and treats all individuals with respect.

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Community Engagement

The Group understands its responsibilities as an important member of the communities in which it operates and encourages its business units to play an active role within them.

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